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Boncafe Drip Coffee Maker ເຄື່ອງຕົ້ມກາເຟແບບຟິວເຕີ

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This DripCoffee Makercapacity is 600ml, enables to drip 4 to 6 cups of coffee.Thisis a simple machine that is easy to use, with no complicated row of buttons to figure out. It justmakes great coffee. It's simple to clean, too. The basket and carafe go in the dishwasher, and the warm plate is stain resistant, so itcleans with a wipe. You can make from two to six cups of delicious fresh brewed coffee, and you can almost do it in your sleep.

- 600 ml coffee maker (4-6 cups)
- ทำกาแฟได้ 600 ມິລີລິດ(4-6 ເເກ້ວ)
- Warming plate keeps coffee hot automatically
- ມາພ້ອມຖາດອຸ່ນກາເຟ
- Removable and washable glass decanter
- ໂຖເເກ້ວ carafe ປົດລ້າງໄດ້ 
- With water level indicate
- On/off switch with light indicator