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TOKAI Lady Hair Removal Shaver TK-280R Double razor system easy to carry for Gentlemen – Violet

Wireless mini razor shaver, portable size shaving, space is very smooth. Hair removal, shaving, unwanted hair, all areas, arms, legs, underarms, hidden points between legs. Can be shaved short (0.5 mm) without irritation or pain. Shaved smooth Cutter head Helps to cut precise, soft elasticity while shaving. Easy to operate while shaving. There is a power switch. Easy and thick hair cut. Do not pull or pull hairs. The LED light illuminates while the house lights are easy to carry. Small, compact, easy to handle, while shaving.



TOKAI Compact cordless cordless cordless clippers TK-9020 Titanium alloy blade - Silver

High quality silent motor, high speed silencer Long cut, not hot, easy to cut, cut The body has a powerful ergonomic motor shape. Stainless steel cutter blade, variable length steel, easy to operate. Precise cutting blade Removable easy to clean fresh wash. At the clippers head There is a setting mode to adjust the cutting, opening and closing the hand. Input: 220-240V 50 Hz / 60Hz, Output: 3W