1. Definition and Interpretation

Unless otherwise specified Definitions and interpretation requirements set out in attachment 1 shall apply to the terms and conditions of sale herein.

2. Order

2.1 Conditions that you must comply

You agree to comply with all guidelines, orders, operating regulations, policies and guidelines regarding placing an order through the platform.Including any amendments In the foregoing, which is issued for enforcement by Onxon (On behalf of the seller Either as part of the use of the Platform or in connection with the purchase of a product) from time to time.Onxon has the right to improve its practices, orders, operating regulations. And such policies and guidance at any time and constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes once they are published on the Platform.

2.2 Product Description

Although the Seller will make every effort to provide accurate details of the Products.Onxon and vendors do not warrant that such details will be accurate, current or free of any errors.In the event that the product you receive is significantly different from the description on the platform. That you have ordered the provisions of article 6 of these Terms & Conditions of Sale shall apply.

2.3 Seller

The product was sold by a "seller", although the on-screen might be. "Seller" of certain products, but "seller" may also refer to anyone other than Onxon. (Which any other person refers to "Third Party Sellers" subject to the provisions of these Terms & Conditions of Sale) regardless of whether the item is listed for sale on the platform on-demand. Or have specified the name of the seller that is a third party products sold to you by the seller are subject to a specific contract with each customer. (More details are in 2.6) In this regard

2.3.1 For products sold by third parties It is a contract entered into directly and only between a third party seller and you.

2.3.2 For products sold by Onxon It is a contract that is made directly and only between Onxon and you.

2.4 Submitting your order

You may place an order by completing the order form on the platform and clicking a button. "Submit My Orders" Seller will not accept orders submitted by any other means. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the order.

2.5 Orders are irrevocable and unconditional

Orders are deemed irrevocable and do not have any additional conditions.When the order has been sent through the platform and the seller has the right (but does not constitute an obligation) to process such orders without further consent from you and without any further reference or notice to you, however, in some cases as stated in 8,You may request a cancellation or amendment of the order.Seller will make an effort to fulfill the request in the principle of commercially reasonable efforts.

2.6 Seller's Disclaimer Regarding Orders

Seller has the sole discretion of accepting all Orders and each order accepted by the Seller is a separate contract. (Orders that are received for such an acknowledgment are referred to as "Contract with customer")You have accepted that unless you receive an answer to your order from the seller.Seller is not considered to be a binding party of any kind. between the seller and you in a deal or other agreement about the product and hence seller does not have any liability. Against any loss That may arise from such events in order to prevent any doubt that may arise.Seller reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, refuse to proceed or accept any order received from and through the platform

2.7 Cancellation by Seller in case of error in pricing

Seller reserves the right to terminate the contract with the customer. In the event that the product price is set incorrectly on the platform.In which case Onxon behalf of seller will notify you of the cancellation with notice for three days.Seller has the right to terminate the contract with the customer in such event, regardless of whether the goods are sent out or in transit and whether or not the payment has been charged.

2.8 Product warranty

Warranty on products (“Product Warranty”) sold under a customer contract shall be as specified by the seller through the platform under the "Specifications" tab in the "Warranty Type" and "Warranty Period" fields.For related products And will be subject to the limitation in terms and conditions in such matters.Warranty and warranty terms Remedies for breach of warranty terms or conditions or wrong of other requirements Specified in the product warranty will replace the conditions.All other warranties and warranty terms, express or implied. Whether according to the requirements of the law or otherwise unless expressly set forth in the warranty for such products (Unless explicitly prohibited by applicable law in that case) In warranty terms and warranty terms Any other matter, whether express or implied, in connection with the products delivered.

2.9 Acknowledgment of the Client

You acknowledge and certify that you are not subject to the terms, guarantees, promises, persuasion or the presence of any certifications made by or on behalf of the seller but not expressly stated in the contract with the customer or based on the description or any indication or specification that is in any document such as catalogs or publicly available materials that are provided by Onxon or sellers. You also acknowledge and agree that the exclusion of warranty exclusion of liability and the exclusion of remedies in these terms and conditions in trading and customer contracts is a diversification between the parties by allowing the seller to provide the product at a service fee or a lower price than the seller may be able to and you agree that the said exclusion of liability is appropriate.

2.10 There will be no representations, representations or warranties

without prejudice to the effect of 2.9 above

2.10.1 There will be no conditions or such conditions are deemed to be determined or is there any warranty or considered to have any warranty In regard to the service life or the durability of the goods delivered, or warranted that the Goods will be suitable for a particular purpose or use under any particular condition.regardless of whether the seller may or may later be aware of such purpose or condition.

2.10.2 The Seller has a specific obligation to deliver the goods in accordance with the general details used to sell the products.Whether any special or specific details have been given Or whether or not that details have been given in accordance with the law or not.In addition, any special or specific details Such will be considered only the opinion of the seller on such matters only.Neither Onxon nor the seller provide any warranties regarding the quality, status, condition or suitability of the goods

2.10.3 Onxon shall not be liable. For the following measures and actions taken by customers or third parties: And the consequences of that.Improper remedies on defects product change without pre-agreement Onxon To add or insert parts especially spare parts that do not come from Onxon

2.10.4 The Seller shall not be liable for anything. For any defect That arising from improper or improper use, such as Defective installation or Testing for use by customers or third parties , deterioration from normal use,Intentional damage , Abnormal working conditions , Defective or negligent movement , Incorrect maintenance , Overworked , Unsuitable working materials and spare parts ,The base placement is not correct,Chemical effects, Electrical / Electronic,Customers or third parties have not followed Onxon instructions. (Whether verbally or in writing) Improper use or altering or repairing products without the approval of Onxon

2.10.5 Seller is not liable for any loss caused to any third person, either directly or indirectly resulting from repairs or remedial work That have been performed without Onxon’s prior written approval and the customer has to compensate the seller for any loss all caused by such claims.

2.10.6 Seller shall not be liable for anything.under the said warranty(or any other warranty, condition or warranty).If the total price of the product has not been paid for by the due date of payment.

2.10.7 Seller shall not be liable regardless of any defect on products that occurred after the expiration of the relevant product warranty (if applicable)

2.11 Intellectual property

2.11.1 Written consent must be obtained from the Onxon.Customer shall not remove or alter any trademarks, logos, copyright notices, registration numbers, labels, tags or other identification marks, symbols or annotations attached to any product

2.11.2 When delivering software applications, drivers, or other computer programs and / or design details technical manuals or drawings, drawings or other information (collectively "Product Datasheet") to the customer by the seller according to the order.Use and keep of this product material are subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement (such as the final user license, restrictions or conditions of use) as set forth by the seller or the seller's licensee and must not be used other than those specified in strict terms and conditions.

2.11.3 The Customer agrees and acknowledges that product datasheets remain the property of Seller or Seller's licensors customer also agrees that any intellectual property all items included in or in connection with the product aatasheet remain the sole property of Seller or Seller's licensors.Unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the order or received Onxon's advance consent letter.Customer agrees to return the product datasheet. And / or copies of such material upon request.